How to Write a Killer CV

CV writing isn’t something I learned at school, but seriously wish I had. There are a lot of important life skills you don’t learn in school, but are expected to just know as an adult.

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Spring Clean your Online Life

As soon as I finish this semester, there are a few ‘big jobs’ on my to-do list that will help me organise and generally spring-clean my life. They’re things that just take that little bit longer to do and I just never find the time.

Find Your Power Colour

Up until recently, my wardrobe has remained rather plain, monochrome and quite frankly, boring. I was a firm believer in sticking to what I know, occasionally going bolder for a night out, but I’ve started to branch out, add colour and be a little more adventurous in my everyday style.

Grab Pizza by the Slice or Circle at Klay

I was the incredibly lucky winner of a Klay Pizzeria giveaway that I totally forgot I’d even entered.

Klay is one of my favourite date night spots, offering some fab student deals like two for one on Tuesdays, student discount and their infamous 4/4/4/4 deal. The 4/4/4/4 deal is what I won in my giveaway.

Five Lipsticks You Need For Spring

After what seemed like the longest, coldest, first three months of 2018, it’s finally April. That means we can start cracking out the cute tea dresses and spring florals and pack away the burgundy lipstick and teddy bear coats.

Dreamy 70’s Vintage Coats and Where To Find Them

I’ve just realised the title of this post sounds much like Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them; unintentional Harry Potter pun. That being said, this vintage 70’s beaut is something of a fantastic beast.

Let’s Talk About Contraception

On Monday 16 April, ITV’s This Morning’s debate was discussing whether or not the contraceptive implant should be available to 12 year old girls. Let me put that into perspective for you.