Good Mood Food at RAWR, Hanley

There’s nothing better that waking up on a scorching bank holiday weekend and heading out with the boyfriend for brunch. We headed to RAWR cafe bar and kitchen, Hanley to sample the new menu.

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Jimmy’s Bar, Bowie Tees and 90s Shades

Jimmy’s bar in Manchester’s Northern Quarter has become the place to be. I’ve seen so much hype around the venue online that when I met up with Tia for a photo shoot I just had to check it out.

Why it’s Important to Support your Local Music Scene

I’ve always loved music, ever since I was born I’d bop to Spice Girls in my baby rocker. Growing up I was introduced to the music my dad loves, brought up on a love for indie, glam rock, and alternative music.

Get that Sunkissed Glow with Norvell Tanning

I have not used any tanning products since I was around 13. It was a very hot summer and I’d tried to use tinted moisturiser on my own. It came out so unbelievably streaky and I had to suffer an hour’s P.E. class in joggers to hide the monstrosity that was my legs.

Summer Blues Gin Cocktail

Since having my Gin Masterclass alongside making my way through the list of local gin bars, I’ve decided to try my hand at mixology at home.

It’s easier than you think to make a bar-worthy masterpiece without having to leave the house. That’s providing you’ve got the good stuff in already.

Testing Bourjois – My First Impressions

As a lot of you probably know (if you don’t, you’re new here, hi newbie), I work at Boots. One perk of which is spying the new releases from makeup brands before they’re even out on the shelf. I was looking for a new foundation and was torn between Bourjois and Revlon, but Twitter persuaded me to go for Bourjois.

How to Write a Killer CV

CV writing isn’t something I learned at school, but seriously wish I had. There are a lot of important life skills you don’t learn in school, but are expected to just know as an adult.