On Tap – Trendy New Dog-Friendly Gin Bar

I’m always scouting out the latest gin and craft beer bars that are springing up in the city. Sadly, they’re usually located in Hanley and Newcastle, which isn’t a problem as such, but since I’m designated driver 99% of the time, I don’t often get the opportunity to enjoy their offerings. 

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Iconic Female Characters that have Inspired Me | AD*

Females are routinely underrepresented in the film industry; often objectified, discriminated or oppressed. Many often weak and desperate for love – sound familiar? Panasonic, the award-winning, globally recognised, technology company invited me to share my favourite female characters in films or series I have watched.

The Night Time Skincare Routine I Swear By

I want to start off by saying, this post is in absolutely no way endorsed by No7 or Boots. I’ve paid for all these products myself (or had them for Christmas) and my opinion is entirely my own. I’m just so darn enthusiastic about No7’s skincare products!

My Annual Big Boots Haul

Each year after Christmas I’ll treat myself to some goodies with the points I’ve saved on my Boots advantage card. How the Advantage Card works is…

What’s Personal Shopping Like?

One thing I love is clothes, but I hate shopping. I despise it. I can’t think of anything worse than traipsing round boiling hot shops with people getting in my way whilst I’m looking at a playsuit wondering if I can squeeze into a six because it’s in the sale. My solution? Get a personal shopper.

TRAVEL VLOG: Newquay, Cornwall

It may be absolutely hammering it down with rain now, but last week was a gloriously sunny week in Cornwall! I put together a little video of holiday highlights, so if you have three minutes spare, check it out!

Meet Phoebe

You may have seen a few weeks back that we lost our four-legged fur-baby, Lyla, to cancer at the age of 12. Our home has been so empty and quiet, and just before we went to Cornwall, Mum and I went to visit a little two-year-old Staffie at Animal Lifeline who was desperate to be rehomed.