On Tap – Trendy New Dog-Friendly Gin Bar

I’m always scouting out the latest gin and craft beer bars that are springing up in the city. Sadly, they’re usually located in Hanley and Newcastle, which isn’t a problem as such, but since I’m designated driver 99% of the time, I don’t often get the opportunity to enjoy their offerings.

I was absolutely delighted to hear that a new café bar has opened in place of a retired DIY shop in my hometown. Biddulph’s high street is fairly old fashioned, a lot of hairdressers, takeaways and a Wetherspoons… There’s not much of an excuse to take a walk up the high street or stay in the town very long. It’s usually a matter of pop down, get what you needed to get, and go.

on tap

Now that On Tap has opened, it provides a hub for all ages to go and socialise in a sophisticated yet relaxed space. There’s a reason to stay in town, and I’m hoping it’s going to kick start a bit of a modernisation of the high street.


Jake and I walked Phoebe down to the bar, who was greeted with lots of cuddles and treats by staff and customers alike. It’s great that more and more bars are becoming dog-friendly. Jake ordered a cappuccino and I decided to try their Parma Violet cocktail, which I’ve heard great things about. It tastes exactly like the sweets – majorly impressed. As well as hot drinks and gin, they sell a range of craft beers and pastries, too.

On Tap gives off a really homely, welcoming vibe and it’s easy to talk to anyone in there. One gent and his wife chatted with us about our jobs and about Phoebe’s history. Biddulph folk are super friendly, and the bar really encapsulates that. It’s just a lovely little space.


The bar’s décor is entirely reclaimed, with walls made from World War ammunition boxes, tables made from the upstairs floorboards and old cinema chairs to lounge about in. It’s quirky and cosy and it’s right up my street. It’s the perfect spot to just sit and watch the world go by. On Tap wouldn’t look out of place in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, and has that really cool, inner-city feel.


Beff xx



4 Comments Add yours

  1. I love the sign of this place and the fact you can take dogs in ❤️


  2. Covet Luxe says:

    Anywhere which is dog-friendly is a winner! Love the vibe of this place x


  3. chloeburford says:

    This is the most amazing place ever! xx


  4. Parma Violet cocktail sounds absolutely amazing! Yum. I love that there’s dog friendly places, that’s really cool x

    Alice http://www.accordingtoalicex.com


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