5 Podcasts you NEED to Listen to Right Now

One thing I really wanted to get into in 2019 was podcasts. Podcasts are like mini radio shows, or vlogs without the video element. They are discussions, interviews, ramblings and information. Podcasts require a little less attention than videos, or reading a blog post, as you can get on with other things whilst listening.

You can listen to podcasts in the bath, in the car, whilst doing the dishes, or my favourite time – whilst putting on my makeup and getting ready. That hour gives me time to listen to one or two episodes whilst getting ready for the day, which can often mean I’ve learned something new or had a giggle by dinner time.

These are some of the podcasts I’ve been listening to and why I love them:

The Female Struggle is Real by Emma Davies

Firstly, Emma is an absolute angel. She is one of the loveliest, supportive women I have ever met on the internet. Her Instagram theme is gorgeous, but over on stories, you get to see more of the crazy, honest Emma, and sometimes her Grandpa, who needs his own vlogging channel. Emma is a TV and Radio presenter, and also hosts her own podcast The Female Struggle is Real. The podcast is all about those niggling problems and fears that women have, and Emma tackles them head on.

Worried about your smear test? Emma recorded hers in its entirety. Not only does Emma discuss her own experiences with various issues women struggle with, including acne, body positivity and periods, she also talks to bloggers, friends and professionals that can add to this.

The Female Struggle is Real episodes last anywhere between 20 minutes and 1 hour, which is the perfect length for drinking your brew or doing your morning skincare routine. Emma is such a funny person and her personality shines through in her podcast – she’s the kind of person you’d want to be best friends with.

Exciting Emails by Vix Meldrew

Vix Meldrew is a successful blogger over on vixmeldrew.com, but alongside that, she’s also a killer blog coach with some pretty amazing ideas.

She writes about all things lifestyle, sex, relationships, mental health and some super helpful blogging tips. She then launched Exciting Emails, which is a weekly newsletter featuring exclusive info, tips, offers and updates, as well as the Exciting Emails magazine. From this Vix launched her coaching membership and her podcast, also entitled Exciting Emails.

Vix is a business woman who has been in the game long enough, and has been dedicated enough to know what she wants, and how to achieve it. Her podcast helps her teach you exactly how to do that too! The podcast episodes are between 17 and 43 minutes long, and cover topics such as finding your niche, deciding your goals, writing your about page and identifying your reader. After every episode I find myself scrambling to the blog to make edits and write down ideas. You can take the girl out of teaching, but you can’t take the teacher out of the girl – you defo need a notebook to make notes with Vix’s insightful lessons.

At Home With… by Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton

Lily is a blogger and YouTuber I’ve been following for as long as I can remember. I love her content and her style is stunningggg! Anna is someone I wasn’t familiar with until sitting down to listen to the podcast, which lead me to her blog and erm, Anna, where have you been all of my blog-reading life?? How I’ve not come across her site before now I have no idea but I’ve got plenty of time to catch up.

Their joint podcast At Home With… is, in their own words ‘part ‘Through The Keyhole’ and part having a good ol’ catch-up on the sofa with your mates’, which is just the relaxed and chatty vibe I love in a podcast.

The girls sit down with various people, and have a chat about their life, their career and how they got there. Guests that have already been on the show include the likes of Kate La Vie, Alexia Inge, Giovanna Fletcher and Tanya Burr to name but a few lovely people.

Get It Off Your Breasts by Emma Gannon and Lliana Bird

This podcast really makes me giggle and is super-relatable. The female-led discussion allows the hosts to air the things that really get under their skin, and get it off their breasts with a good old rant. These issues typically stem from social media, or are topical and in the news.

The podcast is hosted by Radio X presenter Lliana Bird, or often known as Birdy, alongside writer and broadcaster Emma Gannon.

Some of the topics discussed in the hour(ish) long podcast episodes include: customer service, clothes sizing, email etiquette, the pay gap and fake followers. Themes I’m sure all of us can relate to in one way or another.

Hashtag Authentic by Sara Tasker

Hashtag Authentic is a weekly podcast by Sara, the blogger behind Me and Orla. It is the perfect podcast for online creatives, bloggers, and small biz babes.

Sara interviews successful creative with inspiring stories, as well as podcasting some amazing tips to help manage and grow your own brand. Got a question about social media or blogging? Scroll through the 60+ episodes and you’ll be sure to find the answer.

The first episode of Hashtag Authentic that I listened to was with Farrah Storr and it was just so motivating and inspiring. Farrah spoke about her background and her story and hearing these makes you realise that you can build your own empire too. It’s incredibly empowering.

Finished reading this blog post? Flick the kettle on, grab some headphones and go listen to one of these amazing podcasts by these super talented women. Trust me, you will thank me for it.



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  1. February 28, 2019 / 12:53 pm

    I bloody love a podcast and already listen to most of these, but I am yet to discover the Female Struggle is Real so adding that to my list! Thanks for sharing xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

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