Six cute and funny Valentine’s cards by Castle in the Stars

I overthink buying cards. Anyone else? Is it too soppy, will they take offence at the jokey card, is it too boring? I find Valentine’s cards the hardest to buy, and have previously opted for cactus themed ‘prick’ jokes or ones about sharing food.

Very conveniently, mine and Jake’s anniversary is the day before Valentine’s, so it’s easy to pick up a couple of cards at the same time of year.

Castle in the Stars have a range of beautifully created cards ranging from not-too-soppy to slightly-inappropriate-but-funny. They’re just £2.50 each or three for a tenner, just in case you have three boyfriends…

This first card is the one I’ve bought Jake for our anniversary, which reads ‘I like you more than I originally planned’. It’s got a gorgeous pink brushed effect behind the beautiful scroll, and the perfect blend of sweet and satire.

Tame cards include the phrases ‘I kinda. Um. Like you’ in black and pink font with a small heart, as well as a ‘Love You always’ card with a kiss and a heart.

On the slightly mushier scale, we have ‘You’re my best friend in the whole world’ in a stunning mustard and pink illustration, a ‘You make me happy in ways no one else can’ surrounded by tiny hearts.

More inappropriately, but laugh-out-loud spit-your-brew-out funny is the ‘thanks or wearing the trousers in our relationship, but sometimes taking them off’ card.

To buy any of these cards, message Leanne on Instagram here.


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