When this is all over… a post-lockdown bucket list

We are half way through the year, having spent half of that in lockdown. That bucket list I wrote in December is well and truly out of the window – further than I’ve been today.

I did manage to complete a few things on my annual bucket list this year.

I’ve become the owner of an amazing pair of jeans – a pair of straight leg rib cage black Levi’s that look and feel amazing.

I joined a gym – it’s not my fault it was forced to close and I put on half a stone during the pandemic.

I learned to weave via a virtual weaving workshop with Nadine Wilde! And throughout lockdown, I’ve been having bake-downs –they’re like breakdowns, only I make biscuits and eat them instead of crying (hence the weight gain). Cookies have become the one think I’ve learned to bake really well.

Does budget better and add to savings count? I mean, I’ve not put the usual £80+ of petrol in each month. I’ve not been running up Piccadilly on my lunch break for fries and Mac ‘n’ Cheese. I’ve actually not been buying clothes like they’re going out of fashion (pardon the pun). The pandemic has had a positive impact on my spending habits and it’s been nice to treat myself to a spendy buy on occasion, and put the rest in my little nest pot.

I’ve been on the radio (again), chatting with Lucas Yeomans about lockdown and how I’ve been entertaining myself. We are hoping to make my guest appearances more regular, too!

And last but not least – I’ve used up more than three beauty products that were clogging up my cupboard. These are mostly shampoos/hair treatments I have been sent for review – but it’s great to actually finish a bottle!

There are also some things on the list I will no longer be able to do, like book a European city break or photograph a festival. Tramlines 2020 has been cancelled, meaning my dreams of photographing Catfish and the Bottlemen this summer are shattered – but there’s always next year.

Lockdown has given us all an opportunity to appreciate the little things and the people we love. I’ve found myself getting excited about the postman arriving, or the day mum goes food shopping, or my weekly virtual quiz with my friends. I’ve found myself ‘can’t wait’-ing for things I used to take for granted – one I’m sure most will relate to is swinging into the local boozer for a tipple.

Lockdown is easing, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be rushing out to complete my bucketlist. I’ll do that when I feel comfortable and confident to do so. To say Covid-19 has affected my anxiety would be an understatement, but it’s also beneficial to have goals to move towards.

This is my post-lockdown bucket list, in place of my 23 before 23. Just a few small things I’m excited to do when life resumes as normal. I mean, really normal.

  1. Renew my National Trust membership – I loved having a membership last year, and was due to renew in February. I put it off due to the weather, so will be marching to Biddulph Grange Gardens when lockdown is over and signing up for the year. It’s just £36 annually for under 25s, and the walks are just gorgeous. I was gutted when they closed during lockdown, as I would have taken my daily exercise there all of the time. They’ve reopened on a pre-booking basis, and I might take a short trip to see if I’m confident about paying the monthly fee.
  2. Have a luxury date night with Jake – All Jake and I text about during lockdown is all the places we can’t wait to eat when this is all over. We love a date night, and are already planning what food we’ll have. We want to go somewhere we would usually reserve for a special occasion and have a big blowout.
  3. A big girls’ night in – I’ve desperately missed cosy-ing up in Anya’s cottage with her sausage dogs with a glass of wine, Gossip Girl and having a good natter with her and Leah. A big girls’ night in will be needed – followed by a big girls’ night out.
  4. A BBQ/drinks with my work colleagues – One thing I learned about myself in lockdown is how much I thrive from social interaction. I’ve missed my work pals so much – despite seeing them twice weekly via Google Hangouts for the virtual quiz and ‘pub’ meet. We’ll be needing a big get-together celebration!
  5. Buying my usual foundation – Boots had reduced their online services to essentials only – which is totally fair. But it did mean that when my CYO foundation started to run low, I panicked. I have made do with a Primark one I picked up to review, but I can’t wait to have my regular daily base again.
  6. Head to the local dive bar on a night out – The Underground and Sugarmill – I’m looking at you. Post-lockdown, it will be more important than ever to support independent venues, businesses and music scenes. Use it or lose it. I’ll be sticking to the dancefloor and having a little boogie with everyone when they’re safely back open.
  7. The first music event – Tramlines Festival for 2020 has been cancelled, which I’m devastated about as it’s one event I really look forward to each year. That said, I can’t wait for the next set of gig tickets I can buy, because the atmosphere in the room will be electric. It’ll be like being at your first ever gig again, and that feeling should be bottled up and sold.
  8. Go on a city break – I’m already on the hunt for a beautiful Air B&B in Edinburgh. We fear our annual summer holiday will get cancelled – and again, more heartbreak – but the moment UK holidays are permitted, Jake and I will book a weekend getaway somewhere cute and cosy – even if it is November.
  9. Hunt through charity shops – Ridded out your wardrobe ready for charity shops? Well you’ll find me at the door ready to rummage through your goodies. I can’t wait to go thrift and vintage shopping. I miss standing in Sparrowhawk with a cup of tea and nattering with Rhi and Debs. There will be so many beautiful finds and it’s very exciting.
  10. Go to a bottomless brunch – This was on my 23 before 23 bucket list, and the dream still stands. I want pancakes, waffles and bottomless Bellinis.
  11. Get my hair, nails and brows done – I never thought of myself as high maintenance, but having my brows and nails done makes me feel more like me, and I miss that. My hair is in need of a good chop and some TLC.
  12. Do a car boot – Similarly to charity shopping, I can’t wait to do a car boot. I’ve got tonnes of stuff to get rid of, and equally love having a snoop around whilst mum mans the stall. Last time I got some bargain Topshop leather loafers with the tags still on for £3.
  13. Take my nan for Afternoon Tea – this was her Christmas present, and we haven’t had chance to go as she was under the weather at the beginning of the year. We’ve got matching dresses to wear and will sip tea and eat scones at the Emma Bridgewater factory – hopefully before next Christmas.
  14. Get a bra fitting – How I’ve gotten to 22 and never had a bra fitting, I’ll never know. But I do know that wearing ill fitted bras is doing me no favours. Top priority – get it done Beff.
  15. Visit a museum – I haven’t been to a museum in years, and would love to visit my local museum – the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery. I haven’t been since I was a kid (minus heading to their cafe for lunch on the odd occasion).
  16. Take a daytrip to Manchester – I love Manchester day trips filled with shopping, food and mini-golf. I’ll definitely be taking a train to Piccadilly for the day – and hopefully find a craft market to go to, too!
  17. Book in for a professional blogger shoot – I had wanted to book in for some blog photos just after Christmas for some outfits I had planned – but alas, the universe fell apart at the seams. I have had a tonne of time to thing about outfits for shoots, and can’t wait to style them! Jake and my mum usually take my blog photos of my outfits, but I find having a pro shoot can really help boost creativity and provides tips for future shoots.



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  1. Isobel
    June 25, 2020 / 8:27 am

    Sounds like quite a list! Never heard of that festival. Oh I’d love to go to Edinburgh. I too have saved so much especially on petrol during lockdown and it’s really helped as I’m saving for a house that hopefully we can get by the end of this year. Was lovely to read this this morning Beff.

    Isobel x


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