7 Storage hacks that have revolutionised my bedroom

In true Marie Kondo style, I’ve been clearing out my room and finding a storage hack or two to help keep my room tidy.

About two years ago, I bought a professional makeup trolley for £50. You know the ones, like what MUAs use. It sat next to a small two-drawer bedside table and I barely looked at it. I stored all of the makeup and bath products I barely used in it, as well as my hair accessories.

It felt like it took up an enormous amount of space, was heavy, and I found it difficult to access quickly. It meant that I was using a fraction of my makeup, accessories and jewellery because it was all tucked away. I might as well have put it in storage under my bed.

I had condensed the trolley from four sections to two, putting two of them in storage. It felt like it took up a lot of room, and even making it shorter, it took up a lot of space.

My sister has had it now – for all of her makeup, bath and body products. Hopefully she’ll use it more than I did.

But I’ve recently found a few pieces of storage that look great, save space, and make my room feel a lot tidier.

Storage Hack One: Acrylic makeup storage

When I had the trolley, my everyday makeup was usually in a makeup bag, which got emptied and refilled every time I put my face on.

I ordered this set of acrylic storage from Amazon to store my makeup and I love it. I culled my collection and threw away expired products to leave me with my favourites and most used.

The set has six drawers – one deep, three regular and two small. On top sits an extra panel with lipstick holders and other handy sections.

In the bottom drawer are all of my bulkier products, like highlighters and bronzers. Then in the smaller drawers there are mono shadows and blushers. Up a drawer we have lip glosses, and above that, liners. Lastly we have mascaras and brow products. Then up top is my everyday makeup and favourite lipsticks. This means that for every day, I can just lift off the top section. For more glam makeup, I know exactly where to find everything.

If you’re wondering where my palettes are – they have their own box – but I would love some acrylic storage to put them in.

Storage Hack two: Stackers classic blush jewellery box

As a Stackers ambassador, I was gifted this gorgeous jewellery box to keep my collection neat and safe. I’ve written a full post on the box here.

It looks gorgeous in my room, and I actually use it! Be gone are the days of earrings on every windowsill, trinket tray or bookshelf in the house!

I’ve since ordered a watch cushion for my watches to save even more space, and will add more stacks as my collection grows.

Storage Hack three: Acrylic hair accessory holder

TikTok made me buy this. I saw the storage holder on someone’s video and ordered it straight away! I live in scrunchies when my hair is up. On the odd occasion it’s down, you’ll likely see my sporting one on my wrist like a bracelet. I have then in so many different colours and patterns, and have a growing collection of those on-trend knot headbands that are oh-so Blair Waldorf.

This acrylic cylinder is such a great idea as it looks effortlessly stylish and tidy. I’ve wrapped my knot headbands around it, ensuring the knots line up, and filled it with my scrunchies. Never again will I hunt high and low for a hair tie when I’ve got a bobble bucket! I love nothing more than when everything has its own space.

Storage Hack four: Hair clip storage

Just like knot headbands, clips are very ‘in’, too. Another fab trend I can get on board with to keep my hair out of my eyes. I’ve built up a little army of pearl and enamel hair slides, and so I’ve popped them in this organiser.

The acrylic storage has three sections, where I store pearl clips, enamel clips and barrette style clips. These types or storage are typically used for things like makeup brushes, but I love the fact it keeps all of my clips together and easily accessible.

Storage Hack five: Palette storage

At Christmas, I was gifted a Revolution makeup set that came in a huge box, which was perfect for storing all of my makeup palettes. However, it took up a lot of space in my windowsill, and absorbed heat – it just wasn’t ideal.

I took the drawers out of the acrylic makeup storage I had previously and used the space for palette tetris. Everything fits in pretty nicely, as I have around 20 palettes, and it’s really difficult to find that amount of storage for varying sized palettes.

I’ve had to attach one of the drawers to the top before placing the top of the set on top of that. I think it works pretty well, and takes up far less space than the Revolution box. It also meant that I could reuse my other acrylic storage instead of getting rid when I upgraded my makeup storage.

Storage Hack Six: Rotating Skincare organiser

The under-the-sink cupboard is mine for all of my skincare and hair care products. It was getting a little cluttered and I though a rotating organiser would be ideal for storing my skincare.

I have a tendency to be lazy and just use products nearest the front of the cupboard. But now I can see all of my products, there is more chance of me using them. I initially ordered a similar organiser, but it was slightly too big for inside the cupboard, so I opted for this slightly smaller one. It has an added side storage, which is great for things like lip balms and eye creams in tubes.

This fits perfectly inside the bathroom cupboard, but would look lovely on display too. This organiser was under £20 on Amazon, and very easy to assemble, too.

Storage hack seven: shoe shelves

I realised I was wasting a lot of space in my wardrobe, and was desperate to find a way to better utilise the space.

I own over 50 pairs of shoes, so you can imagine the struggle I have trying to find space to keep them. In the lognrun, I’d like an ottoman bed to store them under, but I needed a short-term solution. I picked up these grey metal shelves from B&M for £4 each and put them one behind the other in my wardrobe so I can fit double the amount of shoes in the space.

I’m hoping to pick up some more of these now that I know the solution works, so it will free up more wardrobe space (you know, for more shoes…)



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  1. Evie
    July 16, 2020 / 8:52 am

    Your organisation is on point gal! Love the ideas 😍 will defo get my hands on some of those! X

  2. July 17, 2020 / 6:34 pm

    These are such gorgeous photos! Love anything organisation related x

  3. July 20, 2020 / 10:24 pm

    Great storage hacks. Saving all these to do in my home!

  4. July 21, 2020 / 6:57 pm

    This is a great post! I have been sorting out things lately and re-organizing, I find it therapeutic and stressful all at the same time!

  5. July 22, 2020 / 10:43 am

    I looooove storage solutions – I love your skincare lazy Susan, I hadn’t thought of that! I want my beauty bits to be on show but not look like a bomb has gone off!

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