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For years, my jewellery collection has been scattered about in various storage boxes. Some in drawers, some on trinket trays, some at the bottom of handbags and lost behind the bathroom storage cupboard.

My jewellery never really got the respect it deserved, and it was never where I needed it to be when I wanted it. I didn’t really know what I had, and it was pretty much all tucked out of the way somewhere.

The moment I unboxed my Stackers jewellery box was the moment I dragged every jewellery stand, tray or storage tub I could find and began organising.

I chose the blush Stackers jewellery box as it matches my room, and looks gorgeous on top of my chest of drawers.

The bottom stack is a tray divided into three, which I’ve stored my four watches in, with my Vivienne Westwood and Pandora jewellery. I’ve also ordered a watch pad from their site, as currently my four watches fit over two sections. I will be able to wrap each of them around a watch pad to free up another section for larger, statement earrings.

I also have two spare watch straps for my Adexe watch and my Modu watch, so these will tuck beneath the watch pad ready for whenever I decide to switch up my straps.

The top tier is a trinket layer, which is perfect for my earrings, rings and bracelets. It contains 25 slots, and you can choose to put an item in each, or double up. Three to four rings could easily fit in one section if you’re jewellery obsessed!

I’ve spaced mine out evenly, keeping gold pieces together where possible. My jewellery collection is silver-heavy, but I’m growing to love gold pieces, too.

These are covered by a glass display lid, so I can see all of my jewellery without having to root.

What I love about Stackers is that you can customise your stack to suit your collection. Got a lot of rings? Pick up a tray with more ring storage! Necklaces more your thing? There’s a tray designed for that too!

The jewellery boxes come in three different sizes: mini, classic and supersize. My Stackers is a classic, and if the perfect size for me. They even sell travel cases so that you can keep your jewellery neat when going on holiday.

It was so satisfying to close the lid when I was finished organising. I rediscovered pieces I’d forgotten about, and ditched pieces I no longer wore Marie Kondo style. I’m now more likely to wear every-day jewellery as I have far easier access to it.  A place for everything, and everything in its place – you know?

I still have a separate storage box for my gazillion pairs of tassel earrings, but will be investing in another Stackers layer for my larger statement earrings that don’t fit in the trinket layer. I love that you can grow your Stackers box as your jewellery collection expands.

To see my jewellery declutter, watch my IGTV below:


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  1. April 5, 2020 / 7:48 pm

    This jewellery box is perfect! Cute & practical is always a winning combo.

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