The best and worst of the Boots Glow Range

The Boots Glow Range launched in April 2020 as a capsule skincare routine at an affordable price point – but how good is it?

I’ve tried five of the eight products in the range, all of which cost £4 a pop – and there was a clear overall winning product for me. All of the products in the Boots Glow range are vegan and cruelty free, and some are far more effective than others.

The packaging is Millennial Pink, drawing inspiration for higher end skincare brands, like Glossier. Around half of the packaging is recyclable, which frankly, I don’t think is enough – I feel that customers would have been happy to pay the extra for fully sustainable packaging. But I do really appreciate how clear the recyclability is, as it’s clearly noted on the packaging and the Boots website. That said, the branding for the range is pretty, with foil lettering that shines in the light.

The common ingredient in the products is niacinamide – responsible for the glow aspect. The active ingredient is commonly used in acne treatments thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. It also can help with uneven skin tone, fine lines and environmental damage.

Here are the five products I tried from the Boots Glow Range, and what I thought:

Boots Glow Brightening Mist 100ml

This was the first product I picked up in the Boots Glow range, and the reason I went on to pick up more products. The 100ml mist can be used throughout the day to re-hydrate the skin. It’s a microfine mist, and a couple of sprays over the face and neck from arms length is so refreshing.

I’ve found that using it in the morning after my skincare routine gives my tired skin a boost, and offers that ‘glowing from within’ kind of look. It can be used without makeup to help look and feel fresher, or on top of makeup to stay hydrated with a dewy glow. It’s the perfect size for carrying around in a handbag, and if you’re working in an office, it’s really worth keeping it on the desk to use throughout the day – especially if the heating or air con are on constantly.

Boots Glow Cleansing Stick 30g

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from the Boots Glow Cleansing Stick, but I was surprised when I opened it. It looks like a giant lip balm, and I think I was expecting a different consistency. To use the stick, you twist it up and rub it over the skin in circular motions.

The instructions say that if you splash a little water on to the face and massage with your fingers, it will lather. I didn’t really find this. The product glides on and has the consistency of a light cleansing oil on the skin, which was quite nice, but it doesn’t seem to lather or remove makeup well. I’m also not sure how I feel about the product coming into direct contact with my face time and time again – it has made me wonder about bacteria. I don’t think the cleansing stick is a product I would use again, but I would like to try their cleansing oil, as I feel this would suit me better.

Boots Glow Tonic 100ml

I used the Boots Glow Radiance Tonic after completing a face mask, putting a small amount on a cotton pad and sweeping it across my face. I found it picked up the last remaining bits of dirt, and made my skin feel clean without drying it out, like I find with some toners. I didn’t need to use a lot of the product, which is said to smooth skin and clarify complexion. I didn’t see any show-stopping results, but it wasn’t a bad product. This is something I’d be happy to take away on a staycation to use short term, or when I’ve ran out of another product, but I can’t say it would find its way in to my daily routine.

Boots Glow Eye Cream 15ml

Lockdown left anyone else with bags the size of Sainsbury’s shoppers? The Boots Glow Eye Cream is quite a thin textured product which sits lightly on the skin. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave your under-eyes feeling sticky. It’s perhaps not powerful enough to tackle issues like dark circles and bags, but it certainly made applying concealer a smoother experience.

Boots Glow Gel Mask 50ml

I’ve become a big fan of sheet masks over the past 12 months for their ease and convenience, but this gel mask was really fun to use. You have to apply a ‘thick layer’ onto the skin, and leave it on for 15 minutes. This is absolutely dreamy if you’ve popped the product in the fridge beforehand, and the gel formula is super soothing. The only problem being is that using it the recommended two to three times per week, the 50ml bottle won’t last very long.

Boots Glow products rated best to worst:

  1. Boots Glow Brightening Mist 100ml
  2. Boots Glow Gel Mask 50ml
  3. Boots Glow Eye Cream 15ml
  4. Boots Glow Tonic 100ml
  5. Boots Glow Cleansing Stick 30g

Other products in the range:


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  1. May 4, 2021 / 8:46 pm

    I really like the sound of the brightening mist, that’s something my skin is in dire need of! x

    Lucy |

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