Chelsea Peers: a loungewear brand worth going to bed with

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“Long gone are the days of separate wardrobes — one for the 9-to-5, one for downtime, and everything in between. Instead, life is about finding a healthy balance.” – Chelsea Peers.

It’s a balance my 85-year-old grandma perfected a long time ago, either wearing proper button-down pyjamas, or dressed as though she was about to meet a monarch, with no middle ground – not a single pair of jeans in her possession. And at the age of 25, I can’t help but notice that my wardrobe mirrors that of my dear nan, with absolutely no purgatory between overdressed and loungewear.

I made a vow to myself for the New Year that, since I spend 80 per cent of my time in my pyjamas, I might as well indulge in some luxury sets. A bit like that Fever Tree advert that says ‘if three quarters of your drink is a mixer, mix it with the best’, right? 

On Boxing Day, having received three gorgeous new pairs of loungewear for Christmas, I finally threw out all of my old and tired pyjama bottoms in which the elastic lost its stretch, along with the twisted misshapen tops, faded from too many spins in the tumble dryer. 

My gift to myself was a further three pairs of luxury loungewear from the Chelsea Peers winter sale, vowing to head into 2023 with nothing but nice, new pyjamas that make me feel just as powerful and put together as my favourite pink suit or slinky slip dress. 

The modern loungewear brand holds comfort at the forefront of everything they do, without compromising on style, quality or personality, and their patterns were so undeniably ‘me’, I seriously struggled not to add every single pair to my basket.

Chelsea Peers said: “We want to help you live your best life by feeling comfortable, inside and out. Because with comfort comes confidence, and then anything is possible.”

The first pair of pyjamas I ordered was the long Teal Chelsea Peers Logo Button Up set, which is from the Christmas range, but it’s traditionally festive, so still works for all-year wear. The rich teal set features bold and stylised Chelsea Peers lettering in pink and orange, with vibrant orange piping, their signature elasticated waistband and comfortable revere collar.

The 95 per cent recycled polyester pyjamas are extremely soft, and are currently down to the bargain price of £22.50, down from £45. 

Chelsea Peers was founded by creatives for creative lifestyles, with big ideas, bold prints and a playful spirit. The brand said: “From super-luxe satin PJs to super-simple jersey lounge sets — we’re all about duality in the wardrobe. We get our inspiration from nature, travel, retro fashion, bumble bees, fruit bowls, cockapoos, you name it! We believe in living a life full of colour, creativity and limitless possibility.”

If you’ve been following me for a while now, it’s probably unsurprising that the Olive Leopard Velour Button Up Long Pyjama Set also made it into my basket. A stunning shade and an irresistible pattern priced at £33 down from £55.

The soft and elegant velour fabric offered a statement leopard print with orange piping on a long-sleeved shirt with branded button fastenings and chest pocket.

Meanwhile, the Hot Pink Velour Button Up Long Pyjama Set, also £33, was the perfect way to complete my loungewear trio. The hot pink co-ord is contrasted with teal piping and satin covered buttons, with not one, but two pockets and that iconic revere collar, and is just as striking as some of my favourite evening outfits. You almost could pop on a pair of heels and a glitzy bag and hit the town in this set.

What I really like about these sets is that no two is the same, not just in pattern, but in design too. At first glance the sophisticated piping and collars may look regimented, but each pair has its own tiny details that make them unique, from a varied number of pockets to the style of buttons, proving these aren’t just churned out onto different fabrics – they’re thoughtful, carefully curated and absolutely gorgeous.

Consistent can be seen, though, in the comfy elasticated waistband of their bottoms, the laidback revere collar of each nightshirt and the warm feeling you get when you step into a set ready to take on the day, your way. Chelsea Peers has truly revolutionised my loungewear wardrobe, and while more expensive than your typical supermarket or high street pyjamas, their sale prices are very reasonable, and they’re definitely worth spending the extra money on for quality, longevity and ultimately, confidence.

If you’d like to snuggle up with your own pair of Chelsea Peers pyjamas, you can shop the website here.


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