Inside Abbott Lyon’s jewellery advent calendar starring £450 worth of timeless accessories

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If you thought you were just getting to grips with the hordes of beauty advent calendars released this year, then brace yourself, because jewellery alternatives could be the next big festive trend. Abbott Lyon has brought back its sell-out jewellery advent calendar for 2023, and it’s a gorgeous way to inject some luxury into your Christmas countdown.

This luxury, personalised advent calendar comes in silver and gold, which means you can tailor it to your taste depending on which you wear most often. If you saw my post about getting a piece of welded jewellery, you’ll already know I’m a gold kind of girl, so I opted for this version of the calendar. But I also think that if you’re toying with the idea of adding some new metals into your collection, it’s a great way to stock up on some pieces if you’re looking to try something new without spending a fortune.

The 12-day calendar costs £249 to buy, but the value of all 12 products tots up to £450, meaning shoppers get some gorgeous jewellery pieces at fantastic value. The box is personalised with your name, and inside are 12 numbered drawers containing an Abbott Lyon pouch, where accessory-obsessed shoppers will discover a stunning collection of Abbott Lyon’s best-selling jewellery. It includes everything from earrings and necklaces, to bracelets, charms and rings, which are designed to layer up and mix and match for multiple looks.  

Each advent calendar is personal to the recipient with initial jewellery and birthstones of your choice. I chose a B initial, for my name of course, and while my birthstone may be a turquoise, I chose the May gemstone of emerald to match my engagement ring. You could personalise the contents with your birthstone, or simply pick a crystal you love or that means something special to you.

Bracelets are something my jewellery box was seriously lacking in – hence why I got a couple of permanent pieces – and the two included in the Abbott Lyon calendar are the ultimate additions to my collection. One is a dainty sphere chain, worth £35, while the other is a chunkier £39 rope chain design, both of which pair beautifully with my existing jewellery because they are so classic.

They can also be personalised with any of the four charms included in the calendar. I received a sparkly heart, a star shaped charm for my celestial loving babes, a letter B initial and an emerald charm. These charms could also be added to either of the two necklaces in the calendar – either the sphere chain or paperclip option, both of which would be £45 each if purchased individually.

As someone with a lot of ear piercings, the earrings were a firm favourite. I adore jewellery that ties in with my engagement ring and these emerald baguette studs are the perfect match. Meanwhile, I practically live in gold huggies, so the hoops are certainly going to get worn a lot. These can also be personalised with the charms, which means you could wear them plain or decorated, offering seven different combinations.

Finally there are two rings, a gold band with a simple twist, and a second with an emerald stone. The rings are both adjustable, making them suitable for most wearers, and while these exact designs aren’t available to buy on the website, Abbott Lyon rings start at £45, so you can see how quickly the value racks up. What’s more is that the calendar offers shoppers a chance to bag exclusive pieces – and since there’s a very limited number made, that makes it pretty special, too.

There’s an extra treat hidden inside drawer number 12, too, which gets you a very generous discount off a piece at Abbott Lyon, meaning you could get another handpicked piece of jewellery for as little as £10. 

All of the jewellery inside the calendar is made from a premium 18k gold plated stainless steel, which comes with a two year quality and plating guarantee. It features an innovative anti-tarnish protective coating which makes it water, sweat and heat-resistant, so it will last a lot longer.

For those looking to inject a bit of sparkle into their December, then the Abbott Lyon advent calendar is an undeniably gorgeous way to countdown to Christmas. Offering the joy of unwrapping a tiny treat each day, the contents are far more glam and long-lasting than chocolate, or beauty for that matter. 

If you’re not buying this for yourself or a loved one, perhaps you’re simply a savvy shopper. If you usually give the gift of jewellery around Christmas, consider this jewellery advent calendar a fuss-free shopping spree. With 12 items at £249, it works out at £20.75 per piece, which could be split up for different members of the family as part of their gift, which is ideal if you have a lot of people to buy for. 

Each and every piece is timeless, easy to wear and perfect for mix and matching, and whether you’re buying it for yourself or as a gift for someone else, it’s sure to steal the spotlight and win over the hearts of fashion fans and accessory lovers up and down the country. Shop the Abbott Lyon jewellery advent calendar for £249 here.


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