I’ve finally found a way to style these striped River Island jeans

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My on-off love affair with jeans has been well documented here on beffshuff.com, from ditching denim for 12 months, to slowly falling back in love with it. One way I’ve particularly been enjoying styling denim is by opting for non-traditional colours and patterns, retiring blue and black jeans in favour of bolder, more playful prints like leopard or, in this case, stripes.

I spotted this pair of White High Waisted Stripe Loose Jeans from River Island on Frankie Bridge back in February and thought they’d be perfect for wearing throughout the spring and summer months. But after adding them into my wardrobe, I neglected to wear them, because every time I tried to incorporate them into an outfit, I felt uninspired. I had a complete styling block, and no matter what I paired them with, something still felt off.

However, whilst in a bid to also style every single one of my Damson Madder pieces (a separate post incoming) I had something of an epiphany, which has transformed these tricky jeans into a statement piece that I now absolutely love.

The River Island jeans were £50 but have since been reduced to £20 in the sale. They’re more of a mid-waist rather than high, with a slouchy fit and navy pinstripe running vertically against the cream backdrop. The contrast between the slightly formal feel if the pinstripe and more casual fit of the jeans was one of the things that drew me to them in the first place, but finding the right combination to balance their distinctiveness was a challenge. And after much trial and error, I think I’ve finally nailed it with an outfit that not only complemented the jeans but still felt really ‘me’.

Having already tried my blue River Island striped shirt, to no avail, I thought something more plain might be better suited, such as a waistcoat for that laidback tailoring kind of look. But it was the unlikely combination of stripes and leopard print that eventually made it out of the house and onto my Instagram grid. Leopard print and pinstripes might sound like an odd combination, but trust me, it works. The light coloured jeans act as a neutral base, which contrasts really well with the darker blouse without being too overwhelming because they’re still in that same neutrals colour palette. Because of the hip-y fit of the jeans, I didn’t want to shorten my legs by tucking anything in, preferring the oversized look of the Damson Madder blouse.

To top and tail the look and create a bit of a ‘colour sandwich’ I opted for my chunky Jetta platform Dr. Martens, which ground the look and give it an edge. I had tried it with some trainers, but the wide-leg cut of the jeans made my feet look tiny, and I definitely think you need something a bit more substantial to add some height as the jeans are on the longer side. That said, they’re available in three lengths, so you could opt for a shorter leg length if preferred. 

I had actually gone out with a different black leather bag, but after spotting this blue round mini shoulder bag in Uniqlo, I knew I had to add it a) to my outfit and b) to my small army of crossbody bags. I feel like this accessory brought the whole outfit together, injecting a little bit of colour while still complementing the neutral tones of the jeans and blouse. I also added a brown bow claw clip into my hair, really bringing all those tones together around the jeans.

Styling these cream pinstripe jeans has certainly been challenging, but with the right pieces, I really think they can become a versatile and stylish addition to your wardrobe. I think the key is not to be afraid to experiment with patterns, textures, and colours to find what works best for you, balancing each element, from proportions to colour palettes. 

What are your styling tips for tricky pieces? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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