Festival Faux Flower Crowns with Pretty Pricks

Festival season is upon us, so whether you’re going to Glasto or Tramlines, glitter up and get that rainbow unitard on.

Festival fashion is my second favourite thing about festivals, behind music and just ahead of the incredible street food. The bolder and brighter, the better, amiright?

The ladies behind Pretty Pricks, Mel and Amy, certainly go big or go home when it comes to their floral arrangements.

After making a Christmas Wreath with them last year, I knew I had to book on to this exciting faux flower crown workshop at The Slamwich Club.

The upstairs space at The Slamwich Club is perfect for workshops and events, and matches the cool, indie vibe of the brands it hosts.

Hundreds of faux flowers and greenery lined the table, and of course, Pretty Pricks signature disco balls. I had already started mentally planning my design whilst Mel helped me measure my head and shape my wire to fit.

We then wrapped the wire frame in floristry tape to keep it secure, and disguise the wire.

Next it was time to grab the flowers we wanted to use, varying from giant sunflowers and pink peonies, to dainty lavender bunches and roses.

I found this workshop a lot easier than the Christmas Wreath one, as we were working with floristry tape instead of wire. Starting from the front, I kept building up the design, using a mix of peachy pinks, sunny yellows and a pop of orange. I added in some tropical leaves for size, and of course, a couple of disco balls for good measure.

The Slamwich Club provided some delicious Apple and Rhubarb gin cocktails for us to sip whilst we worked away.

tools to make festival crown

Everyone’s completed designs looked totally different, with some people going for dainty designs, whilst others went huge. Some stuck to specific colour themes, and others went crazy throwing every colour of the rainbow in.

Pretty Pricks were mega hands on and super helpful when we needed it, helping us secure stubborn flowers and dishing out advise. We all shared a mutual love of festivals, and bonded over festival stories.

making festival flower crowns

The best park about these crowns is that the flowers will last year upon year, so you can wear them to your family BBQ, an upcoming festival, or to be honest – around the house!

festival flower crown selfie


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