#ThriftyFashion: the £5 polka dot wrap dress you NEED

I’d like to say my savvy spending is a result of being a student, but I can’t get away with that excuse much longer, since I’m graduating in two weeks’ time.

The truth is I just don’t like to spend a lot of money on things. Now, don’t be confused between spending a lot of money and spending a lot on particular items. Whilst I don’t typically spend more than a tenner on an item of clothing, I still do buy a lot of clothes.

I find that I tend to spend little and often, rather than dropping my whole pay packet in a day. I also hunt out the bargains and offers, though. I’m always scrolling through discount codes or flicking through magazines to find coupons. I have a loyalty card for every store imaginable – last week I lost my purse and all I could think about were my Nectar card and Boots Advantage points!

This is the first in a series of thrifty fashion blog posts, where I will be telling you where I found my bargains, what discounts I’ve bagged and how much everything cost. I was going to go for #FiverFashion, and whilst I do buy a lot of £5 fashion, there are still awesome thrifty deals out there that fall above the fiver threshold.

This polka dot wrap dress is one of my many Everything5Pounds.com purchases. After collaborating with the brand earlier this year with these sassy snake print flares, I’m constantly looking for bargains on their site.

The dress is originally from New Look, but Everything5Pound buy high street stores’ excess stock and sell it on for cheaper. I have found the site hit and miss sometimes, but after a couple of misses you quickly learn which products will be of decent quality. I usually only buy an item if I remember spotting it in another store – which tends to be the safer option.

Since bagging the monochrome dress at a steal price, I have worn it to death. I’ve probably worn it more often than my trust black skinny jeans. It’s definitely an easy go-to outfit. You can go full mono with a black and white outfit, or add a pop of colour in the accessories.

In winter, you can layer it over a roll neck and tights, or go bare-legged and floaty in summer. It’s perfect for all seasons, and certainly a five pounds well spent.

The white western boots I’m pictured wearing are from Primark. They were originally marked up at £16, and as weeks went by the price dwindled into the sale for £10… then £5… then THREE POUNDS. I’ve never scrambled through rails for a size 5 so fast in my life. £3 was a total steal and potentially the cheapest shoes I’ve bought to date.

You can get a ribbed roll neck top like mine from almost anywhere, but they are stocked in New Look for £8.99. Along with the dress, boots and tights, that comes in at around £18 total! In terms of accessories, these are the Dalmatian Set from Pollyanna, who gifted me this beautiful mono set, but there will be a separate post about their beautiful hair accessories in the coming weeks!


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