#ThriftyFashion: The mustard jumpsuit for less than £10

Every item worn in this outfit was purchased at a discounted rate. Besides my graduation dress, I genuinely can’t remember the last time I paid full price for an item of clothing – but I can’t use my student discount much longer, so I’m having to get inventive.

I have had this mustard Fred Perry polo in my drawers with the tags still on since January.  It was in post-Christmas sales at Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet for £35, when it would have retailed at £65-70 on the Fred Perry website.

I don’t know why I hadn’t worn it – I love the colour and do wear a lot of mustard. I guess I just didn’t have the outfit for it. The one. That is until I saw this brown and mustard jumpsuit in the Miss Selfridge sale for £10, paying £9 with student discount and opting for free click and collect in store.

Initially, I thought it was a culotte jumpsuit, which is why I snapped it up pronto, because they are so easy to wear for work and casually. When it arrived, I realised it was full length, but it actually made me love it even more.

I love the edgy mod vibes this look gives off – all I would need is some Dr Martens and you could mistake me for a This Is England extra. The jumpsuit will get a great cost-per-wear and can be worn all year round. I can’t wait to style it in autumn with some chunky knits!

My trainers are white Adidas Superstars that I bought about four years back when they bought them out in a rainbow of colours. My life am I glad I bought white, since they are officially the shoe of summer that goes with any outfit. Now, you’re probably thinking Adidas? Bargain? You’re right. They weren’t really a steal, but I still got them cheaper than they should have been.

These trainers are full of padding, so I sized down to a size 4 knowing the padding would give. This meant that I could buy a children’s pair for almost half the price of the adults, bagging them for £50 instead of £80. It’s likely I also got student discount!

Now for those pom pom earrings – I made them my-blooming-self! I was in Poundland a few weeks ago and spotted that they sell wool, so I picked up three for £2 and decided to make a few pairs of earrings out of them. That brings my outfit total to £96, and considering there are two big branded items in there, a whole outfit for under £100 is pretty darn good.


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