A boiler suit is the staple piece you never knew you needed in your wardrobe

This boiler suit was gifted to me months ago by NAKD – a brand I have worked with before an absolutely adore.

I have wanted to wear and shoot it for the longest time, but refused to do it unless it was in the perfect location and I could get what was in my brain into the camera. It’s such a bold piece that demands attention, and I needed to do it justice (and not get it dirty or stain it before shooting it.)

My boyfriend is a mechanic, so instantly this boiler suit gave me a hilarious ‘his and hers’ vision. I knew I needed to do something with this in mind so after bouncing a few ideas around – I had it. I had driven past an old school garage in a little town not too far from me, and figured I’d ask the people working there if I could shoot there.

Previously I’d tried to shoot this look at classic car shows that had been rained off during our eternally wet summer, or wasn’t able to make other car shows due to other plans.

I borrowed one of my dad’s spanners, pulled on my white boots and sassed myself down to the ‘garage’. Only it wasn’t a garage. It was someone’s house – he just happened to own five or six gorgeous classic cars which he parked outside his house. The reason I had thought it was a garage is because it used to be a petrol station and still has that industrial vibe to it.

I asked the guy if he would mind me shooting there – in his garden – and thankfully he said it was okay. Alas, this look book was born.

The boiler suit from NAKD is £48.95 and is available in seven different denim shades – I was torn between the mid-blue shade and the white but figured that the blue ones are a lot more common on the high street, so I could always pick one up if I liked the style.

The quality is absolutely gorgeous, it’s thick and structured and will certainly last – which is reflected in the price.

It’s been designed so beautifully. I find with some jumpsuits the designers forget what hips and a waist are and they can look very up and down. With this boiler suit it’s as though the designer created the most perfect fitting jeans, then extended them into the boiler suit, so they’re very figure hugging on the bottom. The belt cinches everything in at the waist and has the added detail of the copper D-ring, which matches the buttons up at the top.

I wore my boiler suit half buttoned, and in the colder months you could add a black roll neck underneath.

Accessorising with my £3 Primark boots and a white bucket bag from Sainsbury’s for £16 to go for an all-white look.

I would love to get some snake print boots as they would look equally as gorgeous and give it more of an autumnal vibe. I felt so confident in this piece and really think one piece’s are the way forward. There is minimal thinking involve as you can pretty much add any accessories you want without having to think what will ‘go’. Next on my list is a 70s corduroy boiler suit for the ultimate fall dream.

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