Worry Knots – stunning Stokie inspired earrings

Worry Knots is the passion project of Victoria – a Staffordshire lass who started the brand in 2018 after suffering with her mental health.

She creates quirky handmade earrings made from a variety of materials, such as wood, clay and yarn.

Her bold creations are inspired by colour, and her own Stokie heritage.

Victoria said: “I began Worry Knots in 2018, but didn’t officially launch until May this year. I started Worry Knots back then because I’d had a pretty rough time the year before with my mental health and I sought some help from a therapist. He and my friends and family made me realise that I’d become so consumed with my full time job and worrying about everything, I’d lost my passion and drive for anything else I loved before.

“I started Worry Knots to give me encouragement to get back into doing what I’ve always loved: making jewellery. I like my jewellery to be bold, quirky, cute and unusual and I want to encourage others to wear their uniqueness without a worry.”

So, whilst we’ve covered the ‘Worry’ element – what about knots? It’s inspired by the Staffordshire Knot, of course. Victoria’s ancestors were brought up in the city, and many worked in the pottery industry.

She added: “I had lots of ‘craft-loving’ family members and lots of them used their creativity within roles in the Pottery Industry. My Great-Aunts were paintresses and I’ve used some of the pieces they painted to inspire the clay pieces I’ve made.”

These teapot earrings are so quintessentially Stokie, and the little hearts design is adorable. As a big love of a cup of tea, these were certainly the earrings for me! I love nothing more than a trip to the tea rooms at the likes of Emma Bridgewater or Middleport Pottery to surround myself with stunning pieces of art and soak up the local heritage.

But as well as these funky little teapots, Victoria also stocks a range of glittery hearts – and this pink and purple set go perfectly with most of my wardrobe. They’re super lightweight and easy to wear, and add a pop of colour into your accessories.

If you’re looking for something a little different, though, Victoria has launched a whole ‘Green Finger’ collection for gardening lovers. The range features little watering cans, butterflies and bumblebees in an array of mixed media.

Victoria said: “I love lots of medias so I’ve tried to make my jewellery as mixed media based as possible as I think it’s so fun having items with multiple materials and shows others what you can do with them too. I use wood, polymer clay and yarn in most of my items.

“Something that’s very important to me is where I source my materials. I purchase my supplies from small local craft stores or small businesses within the UK. Even if the price is higher, I like to return to the same place so I can ensure quality and also support small businesses. So when you buy from me, you’re helping them out too.

“I try to be as sustainable as possible with my packaging and how I use my materials. I’ve still got some improvements to me made but I’ve got some exciting things to come this year to ensure I’m using every tiny material and I’ll be sharing that soon.”

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