Craft Gin Club: Inside the January box – plus fruity cocktail recipe

The only Dry January I’m having is London Dry, pass me a glass! At the start of the year, I signed myself up for a Craft Gin Club quarterly subscription, to receive a wonderful bottle of indie craft gin, plus mixers, snacks, syrups and garnishes every three months.

I bagged my first box for £28, and subsequent boxes will cost £40, which works out under £13 a month. Since the pubs have been shut for most of the year, it definitely seemed a justifiable investment – and it means I’ll be less tempted to add that bottle of Bombay Sapphire to my Sainsbury’s shop. I’d probably spend that much on a beautybox, like Look Fantastic or Birchbox, but in a year where I’ve so far left the house a grand total of twice, gin seems far more worthy of my hard-earned cash than makeup.

There are options to have the The Craft Gin Club box delivered every other month, or every month – but for me, this seemed good value for money, and will give me time to actually enjoy the box before the next one arrives. It’s only me drinking the contents, but if it were a couple, or a family, then a bi-monthly option would be a great option.

What’s inside the January Craft Gin Club box?

Gin of the Month: Pennington’s Lakeland Moon Snowfell Gin

Distilled in Kendall, in the Lake District, this gorgeous wintery gin uses hyperlocal juniper berries, as well as local water and even local artists to create the labels! It’s a very indie affair – the the label is lovely, displaying the Lake District, home to famous faces like Beatrix Potter and poet William Wordsworth.

The 40% ABV spirit is packed with juniper, wintery fennel, almond, orange, lemon and grapefruit peel, coriander, angelica root, orris root, liquourice and cassia bark. To describe the tasting notes, I’d say a beautiful blend of citrus and spice.

A 70cl bottle of Pennington’s gin would ordinarily be around £35, so you’ve already covered the price of your first, discounted box!


TwelveBelow Pear & Cardamom Tonic and Rhubarb & Ginger Tonic

TwelveBelow’s natural and low-sugar tonic waters are said to be a UK first, with just 12 calories per service. I’m not a huge tonic fan, but do enjoy rhubarb and ginger flavours paired with gin! These tonics are inspired by their own founder’s garden, packed with British fruity flavours.

PURA Soda Cucumber & Lime

I much prefer soda over a tonic, so I’m really excited to try this refreshing cucumber a lime number. Their natural, no colourant drinks are low calorie and a healthier alternative to mixers like lemonade.


Esprala Apple & Red Plum

The Esprala Apple and Red Plum sparkling mixer is featured in Craft Gin Club’s cocktail of the month, which you can find over on their website. It includes guarana and green tea, and is just 43 fruity calories.

Syrups and Liqueurs:

Did you know to be considered a cocktail, a drink should have four elements: alcohol, mixer, sweet and sour. The sweet is where delicious syrups and liqueurs come in.

Pennington’s Bakewell Gin Liqueur

This little 5ml bottle of Bakewell Gin Liqueur won’t last long at Beff’s Bar, with delicious almond and raspberry flavours to remind you of the classic Bakewell tart. The award-winning liqueur is brought to Craft Gin Club from the same makers of the Gin of the Month: Pennington’s.

Lady of the Lakes cocktail syrup

Craft Gin Club have created their own signature syrup for the January box, in keeping with the Lake District theme, called Lady of the Lakes. The bespoke syrup is used as part of the Cocktail of the Month, and is described as ‘floral, sweet and delectably rich’.


Apple & cinnamon

Dried apple and cinnamon are still giving me festive vibes, these slices and sticks are the prefect way to hold on to a little bit of Christmas as we start the new year.


Every good home-bar needs bar snacks, and Craft Gin Club have included some fab treats to enjoy with a tipple. The January box includes:

  • Olly’s Pretzels Thins Salted Original
  • Doisy & Dam Ballers
  • Rhythm 108 Sweet ’n’ Salty Almond

How to make a Yard 39

50ml Pennington’s Bakewell Gin Liqueur

25ml Pennington’s Lakeland Moon Snowfell Gin

Sicilian lemonade

Fresh Raspberries

This recipe was featured in the Craft Gin Club Ginned! magazine, and I just had to try it. It’s super fresh, and the liqueur really makes it. Fill a glass with ice and add your liqueur and gin. Top up with lemonade, garnish, and enjoy! Alternatively, switch out the lemonade for some prosecco for a twist on a Bellini!



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