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The past 12 months has wreaked havoc with my skin – from maskne to blocked pores. But start getting back into a skincare regime now, and you’ll be glowing by the time we’re allowed to sit outside a pub again.

My skincare cupboard is packed with Typology products which are targeted to my specific skincare needs. The Parisian brand gifted me some products last year when their skincare line hit the UK, and I’ve particularly found solace in their Micellar water, Salicylic Acid and their caffeine eye serum.

I’ve recently been suffering with dry skin, which has been causing my body to produce excess oil, causing blemishes and blocked pores. Paired with the effects of wearing a facemask, my skin has taken a bit of a battering in the pandemic. But I’ve been using two Typology scrubs to give myself an all-over body glow ready for when restrictions lift.

On the importance of exfoliating, Typology said: “Your skin naturally renews itself in 28 days. During this process, dead cells progressively accumulate on the surface of your skin, blocking your pores and causing a dull complexion. This is why weekly exfoliation is essential to prepping your skin to properly absorb your skincare.”

Regenerating face scrub with olive squalane – £17.80

This facial scrub from Typology aims to exfoliate skin, unclog pores and refine skin texture – which sounds like just what I need at the moment. The vegan product contains the active ingredients of plant-based squalane and geranium rosat essential oil, which are 100% naturally derived.

Olive based squalane is a skin-barrier emollient that hydrates the skin in a bid to allow it to become softer and more supple. Geranium rosat essential oil is skin regenerating and stimulates collagen for firmer looking skin. The exfoliant is apricot kernels powder for gentle action to remove dead skin cells.

The scrub is non-greasy and feels amazing on the skin, changing texture as it’s used. I squeeze a pea sized amount onto the back of my hand after washing my face, and it comes out of the aluminium tube as a clear gel, speckled with exfoliant. As I massage it into my skin, it feels more like a luxury face oil, before becoming a milkier texture as it’s rinsed away.

I like to use this on a Sunday night to help me kickstart the week right, as its recommended to be used up to twice a week. The generously sized tube will get you around eight to twelve weeks of use. Whilst it can be used for any skin types, it’s particularly good for very dry skin and those experiencing ‘the first signs of aging’.The scrubs come in an aluminium tube with simple branding in line with Typology’s strong ethos. They’re big on sustainability, and try to leave no trace in the environment. The tubes come in recyclable cardboard boxes, and are packaged flat to allow for smaller packages to fit through the letterbox for a lower carbon footprint. The aluminium tubes are light, durable, and keep the products fresh – and can be recycled repeatedly. They also photograph beautifully and look great in a flatlay.

Nourishing body scrub with sweet almond oil

Just like the skin on your face, you need to take care of the skin on the rest of your body too – it’s your largest organ after all!

This one is a sweeter fragrance, whereas the face scrub was more of a floral aroma. The body scrub features almond oil, described as ‘dry skin’s best friend’ and organic lavandin oil, which is similar to lavender.

The organic almond oil is nourishing and hydrating, rich in Vitamin E and packed with antioxidants. The Lavandin ‘super essential oil’ is anti-inflammatory and regenerating. Much like the face scrub, it contains apricot kernel powder for light exfoliation.

This product comes in a larger tube, but due to the volume you’d be using weekly, it’s estimated to last eight to 12 weeks. The scrub can help combat dry, rough skin, ingrown hairs and dullness caused by an accumulation of dead skin cells. I find I suffer with dry skin on my sternum, so this is perfect for targeting those problem areas.

It offers the same unique texture as the face scrub, which is a result of a specific formulation process to create something called a D-phase gel, giving those three distinctive consistencies at each stage of use.

On creating this texture, Typology said: “The D-phase gel is composed of an oily phase that we’ve created with rich botanical oils. This oily phase is added drop by drop into the minority aqueous phase. Droplets of different oils are then dispersed at the heart of the formula, constructing a dense network to create the texture of an oily gel. It’s this meticulous step that allows the texture to transform into a milk once the product comes in contact with water during rinsing.”


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