Daisy London: Story-telling jewellery for timeless wear and slow styling

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I adore how a piece of jewellery can have such a beautiful and meaningful story behind it – heirloom rings or pendants passed through the family for generations. The locket holding a photo of my siblings I refused to take off whilst my brother fought in Iraq, or the Tiffany necklace I got for my 18th birthday – even the Vivienne Westwood choker I finally treated myself to for graduating university.

And when a piece of jewellery combines sentiment with modern, versatile designs, they become timeless trinkets that will be loved and worn over and over again. When I got my first piece of Daisy London jewellery, my whole jewellery collection went from silver to gold, and as a result, I bought tonnes of costume jewellery from high street stores. But it simply doesn’t last and were too tarnished to wear within weeks. Daisy London design rings, necklaces and earrings you don’t need to worry about overwearing – because they were meant to be overworn and worn with everything you own.

Born in 2009 on Portobello Road, the brand and has spent the last decade designing  jewellery essentials that we didn’t know were missing from our personal collections.

And it’s really important to founder Ruth Bewsey that wearers see each piece as an extension of their own personal style. Pieces you can’t leave the house without, that offer effortlessly laid back looks that are meaningful to each and every customer.

Daisy London said: “At the heart of Daisy lies an adventure, a love for life, a need to explore. Acknowledging that we are all part of something much bigger and that together, we are everything.”

I was challenged by Daisy London to pick three rings to form my own everyday collection that I felt a connection with, and I wrote about each of them here.

Daisy London Daisy Bloom Crown Band Ring

Daisy London have designed a selection of botanically inspired pi eces, and, in their namesake, stock a variety of Daisy rings, including bands and signets. For me, this 1.5mm band was the easiest piece to pick, meaning I could build the rest of my collection around it. This intricate flower crown piece honours my Grandma, who’s name is Margaret – I’ve always associated her with daisies as Daisy is a nickname for Margaret. As my late Granddad was a gardener, she loves flowers, and I always feel most at home – and closest to them both – at our local botanical gardens.

The Daisy Bloom Crown ring is inspired by ‘1969’s carefree summer of love’, and is handcrafted from 100% recycled sterling silver with 18ct gold plating. The golden daisy chain both encompasses your inner wild child, as well as the innocence and purity of the tiny bloom in Norse mythology, where it was considered Freya’s sacred flower.

Daisy London Howlite Healing Stone Ring

Ever since I was a little girl I would always collect crystals, I was just drawn to them and their energy, but never really knew how to harness this and use it to my advantage. More recently in my 20s, I’ve been paying much more attention to how they can be used to create a calming atmosphere or offer protection.

This dainty Howlite Healing Stone ring – also available in silver – is an easy way to carry your crystal around all day long. Howlite is said to heighten focus and help absorb new information, which as a journalist, is really helpful in my career. The piece is ideal for people looking to develop new skills or start new projects, and that’s one of the reasons why I selected it for my collection.

I’m a real hobby enthusiast and I love to be doing something new all the time – just this year I’ve taken up sewing, British Sign Language and canine first aid, so this felt like a really empowering piece to own.

The tiny 2mm semi-precious gemstone is set in an 18ct gold plated sterling silver band ring, which is great for stacking, or wearing alone – and it’s only £39.

Daisy London Estée Lalonde Sunburst Signet Ring

I’ve always wanted to own a signet ring, but it can be really difficult to find one that’s timeless, elegant, and doesn’t overpower smaller hands. But the Estée Lalonde Sunburst Signet Ring is the perfect signet, and has become a real signature piece in my jewellery wardrobe.

I have worn the Estée Lalonde Sunburst t-bar necklace almost every day for the last 18 months, and to have the signet to match is a real treat, and ties an outfit together to look complete. Daisy London describe it as the ‘kind of piece that will never leave your finger’, and they’re so right. It’s a really lovely oval shape with stunning sunburst carving, which the brand say symbolises happiness and protection – making it a match made in heaven with the healing stone rings.

Not only that, but it also has something of a vintage quality to it, reminiscent of the 70s – and we all know how much of a sucker I am for 70s fashion and homeware. The sunburst signet is really tactile and makes a statement, without overshadowing the pieces it’s paired with.

Discover Daisy London’s stunning jewellery collections here, and find one that must-have piece you didn’t realise you’d been looking for.


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