Eight reasons to jump on the TikTok viral welded bracelet trend

Last month I got my first welded bracelet with Links by Jemma Elizabeth. Immediately after getting matching pieces with my Mum in September, I came home and booked an appointment for October, and upon returning from that session, booked a third for December. You could say it’s a little addictive, that’s for sure.

Permanent jewellery – including welded rings and bracelets – are extremely popular on social media, and the trend is only getting bigger with no signs of slowing down. If you’ve not read my first post about welded jewellery, then I recommend going and doing that first, as it will tell you everything you need to know about what it is and what it entails. 

There are so many reasons why you might want to book in to get a piece of permanent jewellery, from marking a milestone in your life, to honouring a loved one. I certainly don’t need an excuse to keep adding to my collection after getting two bracelets (I’m getting a ring next), but if you’re thinking about booking an appointment, here are some reasons why some  people get welded jewellery to help spark some inspiration.

  1. Bestie bonding

Permanent jewellery often serves as a symbol of unbreakable bonds and enduring relationships, and I think welded bracelets are such a cute modern and mature version of a friendship bracelet. Whether you get matching charms, mixing metals or simply just want to swap Sunday brunch for an alternative activity, these are such a sweet symbol of friendship.

  1. Mark a milestone

Want to celebrate a milestone in your life with something tangible? Whether it’s securing a new job, moving into your new home, overcoming a challenge, reaching a significant goal, or celebrating a special accomplishment, you could mark it with a piece of permanent jewellery that becomes something of a shiny scrapbook of success. 

  1. Honour a loved One

Many choose to immortalise the memory of someone dear through a piece of jewellery, and a welded bracelet or ring can be a poignant tribute to loved one or even a pet who has passed away. You could even pick a charm that signifies them, such as a birthstone or a feather.

  1. Celebrate a birthday

Celebrating a big birthday? Why not ask for a piece of welded jewellery as a gift? Links by Jemma Elizabeth where I go to get my jewellery offers gift cards that your friends and family could order for you. They could even book an appointment as a surprise for you to get one on your special day. Oh, and it definitely doesn’t have to be a big birthday, either – 26 is a totally acceptable birthday to get one, too.

  1. Anniversary celebrations

Got a wedding anniversary coming up? Maybe it’s been a year since you got engaged? Perhaps you’re renewing your vows and want to mark it in some way. Whether you get it solo simply to mark the date, or get couples bracelets – they’re a gorgeous way to mark the occasion. I love the idea of getting each other’s initials as charms for this one.

  1. Family

A little like the friendship bracelets, you might want to get your welded bracelet with a family member. I got my first bracelet with my mum, but you could get one with your nan, sister, aunt, or other significant family member.   

  1. Hen party

Typically hen parties could see groups of friends go out drinking, getting their nails done or head out for an activity, and I feel like welded bracelets for hen parties or bridesmaids is going to be a big trend in 2024. Imagine how cute the bridesmaid photo would be all with matching bracelets?

  1. Aesthetic appeal 

Like I said previously, you certainly don’t need an excuse to go ahead and get some welded jewellery. Some people may want to book an appointment simply because it looks pretty. Other people may want to get permanent jewellery for the same reason people build a capsule wardrobe – to reduce decision fatigue and have jewellery that goes with everything for any occasion.

The decision to get a piece of permanent jewellery can be deeply personal and varies from person to person. Whether symbolising love or friendship, celebrating personal achievements or simply staying up to date with the latest trends, these pieces are a gorgeous and fun accessory that you’ll want to keep getting time and time again.


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