2020: New Year, More Me – what’s changing on beffshuff.com?

Hey, I’m beffshuff – the babe behind the blog. Call me beff.

If you’re here for the first time – nice to meet you, and thanks for being here. If you’re back again, hello honeyyyy! Welcome back.

I’m a 22-year-old journalist, blogger, photographer, dog-mum and all round good egg. I love the busy lifestyle and getting out and doing things.

Why am I introducing myself on my own blooming blog that’s been running for three and a half years? Because this year is different.

2019 brought many changes to my life – including a degree and a full-time job. I didn’t know what people meant by work-life balance until this year, but boy, I do now. It’s a hard one to master, but I’m getting there. But that also means that whilst I was juggling a new job, a busy social life, and my blog – beffshuff.com had, well… not a great year stats wise. Enough to keep me happy, but a decline on 2018.

That being said, it’s meant I’ve been slightly more active on Instagram and Twitter, which I have seen growth on more than ever. Not all is lost.

This little blog has taken a different path than I envisioned – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I have exciting plans for 2020.

You may have already noticed more video content being posted here (you also might not have, but I’d love for you to go check them out). Last month I invested in the Canon G7X ii. Actually, I invested in the Olympus Pen E-PL9, hated it, sent it back and bought the G7X. I’ve adored creating IGTV content, and longer, more chatty YouTube vlogs, too.

In summer, I joined Vix Meldrew’s Grow and Glow community. I love the whole vibe and ethos of the team and find them so motivating. But I’ve barely had time to even touch the bundles. But also, being in the group made me realise I’m not super duper serious about blogging – and that’s cool. I started this blog for a bit of fun and it’s staying that way. I don’t want to box myself into a niche or force myself to create daily content (as much fun as I had doing blogmas). The Grow and Glow tips and workshops are incredibly helpful, regardless of how in to my blog I am – plus I can dip in and out.

This year, I’m blogging for me – and if you guys enjoy and engage with it then I’ll be over the moon. In 2020, expect beauty reviews, outfits of the day, theatre and book reviews and my favourite places to visit in Staffordshire. You can also expect some fun video content, where I can hopefully show you a peek into the behind the scenes of my job and take you about on my every day adventures.

Over on Instagram, I’m hoping to continue to grow. It’s on my 23 before 23 bucket list to hit 10k this year – ‘cos mama needs that swipe up feature. I adore photography and you guys are always super lovely over there. I love having a little chat to you in the comments or my DMs.


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