Blogmas post ideas/round up – Blogmas day 24

It’s Christmas Eve – and if you know the Blink 182 track I sung in my head after that, then you’ll know how I’m spending the rest of my day.

It’s also day 24 of Blogmas, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed putting a post out every single day of December in the run up to the big day. Whilst it’s been stressful at times, I’m genuinely happy with every post – which can be difficult churning out content when you’re working 9-5, too.

So that’s why some might say (wow, so many music puns) that this post is a bit of a cop-out. Yes, I’m listing all of my Blogmas posts in a bit of a ‘here are some ideas you can use for your own Blogmas’ type thing.

blogmas round up

So here are 24 ideas that you can use should you choose to take on the challenge of Blogmas:

  1. A Christmas Film Advent Calendar
  2. Review a subscription box
  3. Presents for pets
  4. Your winter skincare routine
  5. Review a beauty treatment
  6. Visit the Christmas markets
  7. Festive outfit of the day
  8. An independent gift guide
  9. Decorating your Christmas tree
  10. Christmas gift wrapping
  11. Personal shopping party outfits
  12. Favourite festive fragrances
  13. DIY Christmas wreath
  14. Make your own Christmas decorations
  15. Your read list of the year
  16. Visit the pantomime
  17. Favourite festive foods 
  18. Christmas cocktail creations
  19. Festive manicure
  20. Last minute Christmas gift guide
  21. Reflecting on the year
  22. A new year bucket list
  23. A festive film review
  24. A Blogmas roundup!

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