#ThriftyFashion: £5 vinyl leopard print trousers

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You’ve all probably had enough of me harping on about these black mock croc shiny trousers, so I’ll shout about the leopard print trousers instead!

I could not have put these gorgeous tortie-toned trousers in my basked and checked out fast enough. Hit the pay now button quicker than you could say ‘fiver’. And if you haven’t guessed – yes, they’re from Everything5Pounds.

I loved them so much that I wore them for my birthday night out (only the blooming best outfits are reserved for the big birthday bash at The Sugarmill), and I ordered a second pair.

I ordered the exact same blooming leopard print trousers in a slightly different shade. So similar in fact, that when they arrived I went ‘ay? They’re the same colour aren’t they?’ For the record they’re not, I’m just colourblind. One pair is mustard, and the other a deeper, more tortoise shell like shade.

I have adored styling both pairs and have loved seeing how items so similar can be worn so differently. I like to wear the mustard with band tees and a leather cap. But I styled these darker ones with this gorgeous rust jumper.

I picked up this jumper after sitting in traffic for half an hour following a crash on the A500. If the D-road is broken, the whole of Stoke is broken, so there was no way I was sitting in traffic whilst everything cleared – so I went shopping.

The jumper was £10 in the sale, and it wouldn’t be an overstatement if I said I’d not had it off my back since. Okay, it probably would be… but safe to say I blooming love it. It’s really thick and cosy, and I love the high neck – it’s the first thing I look for in a jumper. It can be easy for jumpers to look sloppy and slouchy, but this one keeps a lovely structure.

I wore some Everything5Pounds snake print boots, featured in my vlog below. I loved mixing and matching all of the neutral tones for this outfit, and it felt very autumnal, which I’m still very much in love with.

To accessorise, I wore the bag you’ve all been asking about on Instagram. This cow print bag is from Missguided and I adore it. I’m obsessed with cow print and western style and I’m anticipating it being big this summer. You heard it here first huns.

This is also the outfit I wore to Manchester last weekend, and received some lovely compliments about it. I love seeing people’s faces when I tell them something is from Everything5Pounds.


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