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In recent years* I’ve taken a keen interest in mixology, cocktail masterclasses and at-home cocktail making. *Read: lockdown. 

I joke, of course, I’ve been drinking cocktails since I could legally buy them, and took my first cocktail masterclass back in 2018, which really kickstarted my love of mixology and experimenting with different flavours. You’ll find some rather questionable recipes in the beffshuff archives if you dig deep enough.

The pandemic did mean my pub visits were prohibited though, so like many others up and down the country, my options were a) turn the kitchen upside down trying to make a negroni – sbagliato (with prosecco in it) – or buy the cheap and nasty gin in a tins to drink while watching Tiger King. 

I was very firmly a gin gal up until 2021, complete with Craft Gin Club subscription and enough bottles to open my own bar. But then, a trip to tequila slammer bar Arriba, in Cheshire, converted me to a mezcal babe. Since then, I’ve been on a mission to find the perfect margarita, ordering them at bars up and down the country rating them on flavour, glass and garnish.

I’ve found some pretty amazing variations of the margarita in my quest, however, Bone Idyll distillery is offering a total gamechanger. 

This innovative distillery, gin school and bar is a 100 per cent community owned business headed up by husband and wife restaurateurs, mixologists and entrepreneurs Sam and Alex Berry. Launched in 2022, the idea came after the duo were forced to close their four existing restaurants as a result of the pandemic.

Fifty loyal members of the community chipped in to raise half a million pounds to launch their new brand creating small batch spirits and cocktails with character and hustle: Bone Idyll. 

Ironically, the couple have been anything but – and have worked extremely hard through challenging times, fast becoming a much loved and popular independent venue in Kingston. But you don’t have to live near London to enjoy their punchy small batch cocktails – you can have them delivered straight to your door.

As part of their line up, Bone Idyll offer their own vodka, Barrel Aged Gin, Blushing Pink Gin, and a London Bone Dry Gin. There’s also five ready-to-drink cocktails, including a Pink Gin Cosmo, a Margarita, a Barrel Aged Negroni, a Passion Fruit Daiquiri, and an Espresso Martini.

Naturally, I picked up a bottle of Margarita for £30, which gets you 70cl of pre-mixed, ready to drink cocktails – or approximately seven servings. With the average cocktail costing around the £8 mark, these Bone Idyll bottles save you around £26. It also means you don’t need to clutter your kitchen counter with agave, tequila and all the other ingredients, nor make a mess in your kitchen trying to create your own cocktail.

The label designs are as dangerously cool as their creative cocktails, featuring historic art and sculptures with a modern, anarchic twist. And much like everything else, the recipe itself is a little non-traditional too, pairing tequila with kumquat liqueur before adding citric acid and agave. Usually salt your rim, too? No need – there’s already salt in the cocktail for that added sharpness and flavour.

At 12 per cent ABV, making it a similar strength to liqueurs, though it doesn’t need diluting with anything, therefore remains at around 20 per cent alcohol content. For the perfect serve, Bone Idyll recommend 100ml of their ready to drink Margarita served over ice with a lime wedge and optional salt rim. Make sure to pick your coolest glass to drink from, too. These are some badass cocktails that deserve to be drank in the most rock and roll way – whether that’s in your cowboy boots and a fedora, or your slippers and a hoodie blanket. Who am I to judge?

This Margarita cocktail has such a stunning flavour profile, both sweet and savoury, vibrant and fruity. Sometimes pre-mixed cocktails can taste of cheap booze and make you shiver as you remember high school house parties. Bone Idyll’s creations couldn’t be further from that – offering high quality ingredients and thoughtful, adventurous recipes to create maximum flavour that’s an absolute joy to sip.

Packed with passion, character and attitude, Bone Idyll has completely revolutionised the way to enjoy cocktails at home, offering a hassle-free way to enjoy premium cocktails without the kitchen cleanup or the pub price tag. It’s the best of both worlds. 

If you want to support an independent community-owned business this Christmas season, Bone Idyll is definitely the way to go, with beautifully discerning branding, incredible flavours and masterful mixology.

You can shop the Margarita cocktail for £30 on Bone Idyll here, or check out the rest of their spirits and ready to drink cocktails via their website. 

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    Oh wow, what a stunning bottle to have on the shelf as well. I love how this sounds in taste – might have to keep my peepers out for it! Thank you so much for a wonderful review and Holiday tipple suggestion!

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