Christmas Party Lookbook #3: Sparkly Skater Dress

Skater dresses were something I wore on the regular as a young teen. I remember wearing an incredibly vivid orange number for my 14th birthday and…

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Autumn Fashion Trends for AW18 with intu Potteries – AD*

After an amazing SS18 campaign, complete with an instillation of floral mannequins, I’ve been invited back to intu Potteries for their cosy AW18 campaign.

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How to style the sassy leopard print slip dress

Slip dresses are my new favourite trend. They sassy, sexy and can be dressed up or dressed down. It’s kinda like underwear as outerwear and they are perfect for layering.

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Personal Shopping at Topshop – Summer Edition

After my last personal shopping experience just before Christmas, I knew I needed to come back to Topshop, Hanley, for round two. Summer.

This time my personal shopper was Leanne, who also happens to work at my fave vintage shop Sparrowhawk.

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Spring Florals and Flares

Four years ago if I’d have gone shopping with my mum and she picked up anything frilly, sequined or heaven forbid floral, she’d be met with an ‘ugh, mum for God’s sake… do you know me at all.’

As it turns out, she knew me very bloody well; mum knew 20-year-old-me.

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What’s Personal Shopping Like?

One thing I love is clothes, but I hate shopping. I despise it. I can’t think of anything worse than traipsing round boiling hot shops with people getting in my way whilst I’m looking at a playsuit wondering if I can squeeze into a six because it’s in the sale. My solution? Get a personal shopper.

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